Why I’m In Love With Italy

Why I’m In Love With Italy

I am a big fan of traveling, and I have a huge list of places I would love to see. Even with my little one, I make the effort to get out there and see more of this beautiful world. Of course, having a small child means I need to be more organized and cautious about where and when to travel. But this is his world. I don’t want him to miss out on all it has to offer.

When Little Man is in bed, I’m often catching up with things online, or watching a movie. Some of my favorite old movies are set in Italy. I blame them entirely for my obsession of the place! Who couldn’t fall in love with Tuscany after Diane Lane’s performance in ‘Under the Tuscan Sun’? And Audrey Hepburn in ‘Roman Holiday’ has secured Rome on my must-visit places. The only thing I may have to be disappointed about is the famous Vespa ride through the city. I’m not confident it’s safe to take Little Man with me on one of those!

Rome certainly does come across as a very romantic destination, despite quite a turbulent history. It looks to be so beautiful and chic. And the old buildings are awe-inspiring. I would dearly love to wander the streets of Rome on a vacation with Little Man. I could teach him all about Gladiators and the Roman Empire. He might even pick up a few words in Italian. And I know he’s going to love fresh pasta!

If you’re thinking of exploring Rome and the Lazio region, there are plenty of options. For me, I would love to stay in a beautiful, luxury Italian villa. When you’re traveling with a small child, it’s usually best to go self-catering. You need access to a fridge for things like milk or storing bottles when they’re a baby. And being able to use your sterilizer is essential. Some hotels or guest houses get funny about these things.

The Pantheon is on my must-see list for Rome. I love these ancient buildings. It’s great to imagine all the people that have passed through here. When you’re traveling with small children, you also want to check out where the local play parks are. There are plenty of great spots all over the Lazio region that children will love. The Bomarzo Monster Park is great for children who love to let their imaginations run wild. And Rome is home to an incredible Children’s Museum.

Of course, Rome is also one of the best places in the world for a great nightlife. If you’re traveling alone with a child, this may not always be accessible for you. But if you’re with a party of friends and have a good babysitter, you’re in for a wonderful time. Meals are often served a bit later in Italy than other countries. This is another reason self-catering in the evening can be quite handy with small children around. I love the thought of flying to Italy with Little Man and showing him the history of the place.