Recycling Centers Pay Good Money for These Metals and Materials

Recycling Centers Pay Good Money for These Metals and Materials

Can you turn garbage into treasures? Absolutely! All you need to do is sort through your clutter, and bring fitting items to a company like D. C. Metals & Recycling. Many centers accept a variety of metals and household goods that can be broken down and reused in the manufacturing of other items. Are you wondering what you can collect to earn extra cash? Here are several examples of products most recycling centers accept.

Glass Bottles

Glass is a product that is highly valued, as it can be recycled multiple times. If you have a lot of wine and juice bottles, jars, and other types of glass containers you no longer need, sort them by color. Manufacturers melt the glass down before turning it into something else. Call your recycling center to see if they accept shards and broken glass products. Not all of them do.

Aluminum Cans

Aluminum has many applications because it is a sustainable metal. Manufacturers can use it repeatedly. Responsible Californians already recycle aluminum cans. They can be dropped off at many local recycling stations and companies.


Everyone who ever turned over a plastic bottle or container has seen the number on the bottom. Yes, the one that is surrounded by a triangle made from 3 arrows. The number is a resin identification code. It defines which type of plastic was used to make the container. Recycling programs depend on these numbers to tell them exactly which plastic items have value and which ones is trash. Find out the types of plastic your recycling center accepts. Some will take all 7 varieties.

Scrap Metals

Metals are usually the easiest to recycle. Scrap metal holds its value quite well. Numerous types can be recycled more than once with no change in properties. Reusing materials and objects is good for the environment. Popular metals that can be recycled include cast and sheet aluminum, copper, iron, lead, plumbing brass, stainless steel, and tin.

Electronic Waste and Appliances

Prices for recyclables fluctuate daily. That is why eager entrepreneurs check in with their collection center before delivering another load. They also contact companies like D. C. Metals & Recycling to establish which household appliances and electronic waste they accept. Are preparations required? Sometimes, freezers, refrigerators, and air conditioners can only be dropped off after the liquids inside are drained.

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