September 30, 2022

There was a period when you could utilize certain strategies and obtain a large number of followers in a matter of days or months. The days of comment bots, Instagram pods, and buying followers to instantly become famous are over.

So, where do we go from here?

Is it still possible to develop your Instagram account organically?
Yes, it is correct. It is doable, but it is far from simple.

Here are some reasons why you aren’t buy instagram views, as well as remedies to each issue.

1. You’re not being as engaging as you could be.

As a Social Media Manager, you’re probably more concerned with content strategy than with engagement. You devote effort to generating and organizing your content, but you don’t devote any time to engaging with your audience. It’s critical to respond to comments because if you don’t, your followers will feel unappreciated and will stop following you. This would have a negative impact on your involvement. Once you’ve published the content, your work isn’t done. You should not only like but also comment on the posts of the accounts you follow.

What you should do is set aside 10–15 minutes each day for involvement. Like, comment, and discover additional accounts by using hashtags, locations, and interests, as well as responding to all comments.

2. You don’t having a Story approach.

Instagram stories were first introduced in August 2016, and now have over 400 million daily users! And it’s only getting bigger.

You’re missing out on a lot of interaction and visibility if you’re not sharing tales or if your posting schedule is inconsistent.

The simplest and most successful approach to make your presence known is through stories.

What to do – Create an Instagram Stories-only content plan and learn from the best.

3. You are indecisive.

It is critical to post on a frequent basis in order to reach a larger audience, generate trust, and establish brand authority. It demonstrates that you’re committed to the platform and to giving value to your audience. If you don’t write on a regular basis, your followers will not become brand ambassadors, will not support you adequately, and you may even lose them.

What to do — Spend time developing a content strategy, writing, planning, and scheduling your pieces, and making sure you don’t miss a single one.

Crowdfire may be used to schedule postings and Crowdfire Image suggestion can be used to curate material.

4. You don’t keep your profile up to date.

You change and grow throughout time. And you’ll need to update your profile to reflect this. The first thing someone sees when they visit your account is your profile photo, bio, and username. Most of the time, these elements go unnoticed and unupdated. That is one of the areas where you will lose followers.

What to do — It’s easy – set a reminder to examine and optimize your profile once a quarter. If you’re a company, come up with several creative bio versions. Above all, keep it up to date.

Netflix does an excellent job of keeping their profile up to date on a regular basis.

5. You don’t have a specific Instagram aim in mind.

If you’re on Instagram for the sake of it and don’t have a clear purpose in mind, you won’t know what to post. You may end up posting a variety of various types of content, leaving first-time visitors perplexed.
People prefer consistency and tend to follow the reports of a specific specialty. Gaining followers could be challenging if you don’t fit into any of the specialized categories.

What to do: Define your aim and develop a plan around it. Your objectives could include educating, inspiring, and sharing your followers’ tales (User Generated Content), among other things. Concentrate on one or two long-term objectives and work toward them.

Other factors that may be preventing you from obtaining additional followers include:

1. You’re not utilizing hashtags at all, or you’re using the wrong ones. You can use RiteTag or Seekmetrics as examples.

2. You bought Instagram followers, and as a result, the Instagram algorithm is penalizing your account. You can’t do anything but buy followers here.

3. Your stuff is subpar at best and monotonous at worst. Together, work on the material.

4. You use Instagram to market yourself excessively. Mix commercial and handpicked material in your posts. Not to sell, but to add value.

5. You aren’t being genuine. It’s past time for you to embrace your true self.

Final thoughts —

Getting organic Instagram followers is no longer simple. There are a lot of accounts that continue to follow you and then unfollow you later, as well as a number of bots who remark only to get your attention. With so much competition out there, you need to make sure you’re consistent, unique, and genuine. Do you have any advice or questions to ask? Please leave them in the comments section.