Hands On Vivo V15 Pro Smartphone Review

Hands On Vivo V15 Pro Smartphone Review

Vivo, the smartphone manufacturer that’s slowly recognized the Indian smart-phone market in the last few decades, has been now a new which nearly everyone knows of. The hand set manufacturer climbed to popularity having its own funding smart-phones and much recently having its own Nex-branded smart-phones, among of those high lights which had been that the’ fairly’exceptional’ pop camera digicam mechanism. Vivo generally appears to get carried forwards the characteristic that in 20-19 too very properly together using all the Vivo V15 Guru, a mid-ranger that’s being applauded because of its own camera operation and also the authentic bezel-less display screen that many handsets are unable to attain.


The Vivo V15 Guru has launched in India at R S 28,990 and also while the specs paper seems strong, does it basically function also in actual life? We’ve been utilizing the smart-phone since of our everyday driver as the last few months. As the USP of this smartphone has been its own double-sided back camera and front pop selfie camera, it even succeeds in glowing at different areas.


Style and Layout

Vivo V15 Professional appears like every other other Vivo mid-ranger in front. You receive yourself a notch-less, immersive display screen. But what is different this season would be your rear with a double sided back camera set placed in a vertical mode onto the top-left having a pill-shape enclosure in the base which unifies all of the best way into the upper bezel. That is fortunately and interesting, maybe perhaps not a focus seeker. Hands On Vivo V15 Pro Smartphone Review

Still another shift, that will be quite odd, could be your pop up window system. Vivo has already been using this specific technology simply because you start with Vivo Nex this past calendar year. But this period it’s come into the ‘cheap’ mobiles. Even the retraction digicam is both more automatic and reveals up whilst face while utilizing the the camera. Certainly one of the primary reasons for Vivo to be in a position to expel the top of the monitor.

The gadget really isn’t probably the most streamlined though as soon as you get started deploying it. You can not put it to use but also the shade and also the appearance constitutes to this. The machine we received was that the Topaz Blue version. Nevertheless, that the ruby-red looks more straightforward for people.

Though the Vivo V15 Pro claws it at the looks department, exactly what remains a matter is why Vivo stays using micro-usb jack and one speaker set in the exact bottom. We now have mentioned (like different handsets too well) the flip side would be your most powerful spot to get a mono speaker. But keeping a leading speaker would have resulted at a marginally larger jaw. It depends upon if you like’practical encounter’ or perhaps even the streamlined appearances.



From the time this past calendar year, screen is not any further a technological obstacle since it’s seen a few big developments from notches to a more streamlined’Water drop’ top notch to finally bezel-less displays. Vivo, coming to the forefront of this has left it has Vivo V15 professional virtual ly bezel-less. The smart phone also sport a 6.39-inch extremely full-view exhibit with FHD+ (2340×1080 pixels) monitor and a 91.6% display screen to human anatomy ratio. This not only sounds excellent but can be excellent in real-life utilization. The display screen could become exceptionally glowing and packed with all a mandatory shade punch, indicating that the SuperAMOLED exhibit.

Though we all have been here cribbing concerning identical bezels on every side because there is a chin. Considering that the simple fact OEMs have reached a’break through’ fold-able monitor tech, it stays a matter just how a number can become equivalent bezels on every one of the 4 sides.

Nevertheless, that can not disturb you anyway whilst the monitor will be immersive and will certainly function as an perfect apparatus for binge watching articles all night. Enjoying games can be additionally a fantastic experience for this particular specific one. You receive each of the elementary features the following including Auto Brightness, eye-protection (Blue lighting filter), color temperature modification and capacity to place the exhibit ratio of thirdparty programs. In summary, the hand set wont provide you squint at in the exhibit section.


Overall performance

Vivo V15 Guru can be really nearly as good inside the general performance stadium because it’s at the exhibit landscape. The smart-phone operates all of the programs, internet web browser tabs, and nearly whatever you throw it, without worrying a lot of time. You can quit fretting about the heating problems. The simple fact all the functionalities do the job perfectly, provides particular awareness of dependability upon this gadget. The part that has got the charge for this really could be your Qualcomm Snapdragon 675 chip, that will be quite fresh and also something that you really don’t possess in all smartphones available such as the time being. Just Xiaomi’s newly established Redmi be aware 7 Guru may feature with the chip besides Vivo. Assuming the chip is 6GB RAM, that may function as newest’fundamental’ using mid-rangers today, however will be more than that which you in fact desires (if you don’t only specs and also number particular man or woman ). Hands On Vivo V15 Pro Smartphone Review

Though it is maybe perhaps not exactly the optimal/optimally smartphone to get gambling, it can be thought of as an excellent 1 at any cost tag, immersive display screen along with Game Mode 5.0 which perhaps not merely is targeted on offering sleek, pliable gameplay however also cutting framework drops although accomplishing this.

At Vivo V15 Guru’s instance, the interface could be your FunTouch OS 9 predicated on Android 9 Pie cannot be known as whilst the absolute most userfriendly. But, Vivo has managed to get better as it was sooner. We remember the FunTouch OS 2.0 predicated on Android 4.4.4 from the Vivo X-5 Max that started in December 2014. Since that time, the FunTouch OS has arrived a long method and during numerous iterations it really can be really as tasteful as it’s got.

Each of the features is there any which an individual needs within an hand set inside the specific segment aside from a single item – unique-ness. Even though UI has increased radically through time, it seems just like the people utilized in Oppo and Xiaomi, defying unique-ness. It’s nevertheless to get to the amount of Samsung’s OneUI with an alternative fan after its. The other woe is the fact the smart phone will not give you Widevine l-1 assist. Therefore, even when you’re unable to look at Netflix video clips in its very best resolution, then you may still see YouTube video clips simply nice.

Having said that, it isn’t hard to become accustomed to. Moreover, 128GB in built storage. A big bummer this is that the deficiency of micro sd card slotmachine, that just about all of the mid sized and funding tablets encourage.

Deal with UN Lock works nicely with some fantastic success fee, some thing that we can not state for its optical in-screen mic detector. Speaking about additional little attributes, the speaker is loudly for certain however, do not expect standard using the particular Rs 28,990 smart-phone. In certain instances, it isn’t quite as loudly as many others at your contest too. But on the other hand which that you still buy yourself a 3.5millimeter headset jack. This absolutely had been considerable in the event the port has been in the base as an alternative of this framework’s top-left facet.



The Digital Camera Is Just One of the very emphasized and promoted characteristics Inside the Vivo V15 Professional. In advertising we view Aamir Khan, an Indian celebrity, whipping the handset out and clicking on selfies utilizing the’world’s earliest’ popup camera using 32MP. Therefore we will begin with this. The front-facing camera includes f/2.0 aperture plus can be speedy to take. Additionally, it hastens an auto focus detector and takes the time to correct attention from foreground to desktop and rear again. That said, the front-facing digicam is very great, but perhaps not for people seeking one of the very ordinary shooter; however, people just click on to appear nice and place their own selfies around Insta-gram.

Since V15 Guru’s front digital digicam brightens your skin tone, we are mentioning that rendering it a’imitation’ appearance. That really is. Obviously, you tweak the preferences and then receive yourself a better photo which shows several additional details about your own face. The total shooter, nevertheless, is better to take a have a check at. You receive all of the standard collection of selections for example, HDR, living image, filters, and much more. Even the Portrait pictures have improved but still perhaps not exactly the most effective since it renders catchy borders sharp whilst trying to keep the remaining part of the back ground obscured. Even though clicking at daytime or artificial lighting is very good, be equipped to get a milder picture when clicked in lowlight conditions. We presume that this is really on account of the picture chip lumps up the sounds ranges to raise the brightness and after attempts to unite itleaving a complete milder picture.

For the mechanics supporting the pop, it really is perfect. While confront un-locking or if tripping the camera, the most retractable element failed to fail. It’s quick and dependable. We’d additionally prefer to prevent for some time and value the simple fact which maybe perhaps not just with Vivo but together along with all different mobiles comprising a camera mechanism. Still, there’s been one difficulty we have confronted together using the pop up cameras becoming stuck due to applications or never working precisely. It truly is respectable.

Commendable is that which we can state to its back camera overall effectiveness too. The Vivo V15 Guru includes three back cameras: a 8MP wideangle detector using f/2.2 aperture, 5 mp thickness sensor, and f/2.4 aperture and a 48MP Quad Pixel detector using f/1.8 aperture. Nevertheless, since we have described previously, it’s maybe perhaps not quite a 48MP detector however also a 12MP detector which works by using’four-in-one pixel tech and also unites four adjoining pixels into one 1.6U M pixel that is large. It will supply a brighter and better nighttime shooter graphics and also with V15 Guru it surely exhibits.

We clicked on a few graphics at that evening along with the total shooter has been brassy but do not expect vibrant colors in most photo. We in fact identified clicking wide-angles photographs in the nighttime closer in simple however you might be forfeiting the total sharpness. The night time style works quite excellent in that one whilst the graphics are so glowing using white and comparison factors. You won’t have the ability to click on 48MP pictures while inside the special manner even though.

Day-light graphics are rather good plus one that’s got the essential color contrasts with well balanced brightness and comparison. That which we enjoyed the restricted vulnerability inside the backdrop when still clicking on a relatively darker theme in very front. The blues at the skies are recorded effectively. Thus thumbsup from the shade breeding section.



Vivo V15 Guru is bad from the battery life section however, perhaps maybe not exactly the most useful we’ve observed in smart-phones within this value section. Backing the gadget is actually a 3700mAh batterylife, which isn’t what we anticipated within an R S 28,990 smart-phone. It would happen to be considerable in the event the smart phone was included having a 4000mAh batterylife. It truly is maybe perhaps not that Vivo is awful from the battery life section. We’re impressed with all the battery life copy delivered which the Vivo Nex this past year that the V15 Guru comes if not at level with all an previous season’s flagship.

Over one control and mixed usage, the hand set gave us approximately 10 hours’ worth of juicewhich is a pretty fantastic functionality. If you’re a potential consumer, that mostly wont be true studying the viewer it’s directed in watching videos, playing games and performing job wont worry you considerably to your battery lifetime. If it’s, you still can receive’Dual-Engine’ fast-charging service. It isn’t quite as swiftly as OnePlus’ Dash cost however arrives quite shut. Similar to any Android apparatus, the Vivo V15 Guru additionally loses a percent instantly.



Vivo V15 Guru has experimented with rescuing it self almost each and each portion by supplying the most useful outthere in smartphones at any price label. A whole good deal of attention was placed onto the cameras also in fact it reveals. It isn’t really just a terrible camera with any way and we can get that the front-facing camera camera characteristic to be trend this past calendar year, it will not possess disadvantages and pros. However, selfie fans would like that the retractable digicam additionally creates the hand-set nonresistant to water and dust. The chip functions as likely since you wont confront any hiccups surfing through programs and plugins. Even though a micro usb and speaker in the base in 20-19 seem obsolete, it can help keep the purchase cost that it works today.

Speaking concerning the purchase cost, Vivo V15 professional can force you to think again before you purchase. It contributed that a few specs having a bigger chip exactly the identical RAM and battery can be bought at an even less expensive price label. And at an industry such as India, selling cost tag even now performs a main function. Experience-wise, the hand set will be in level together with many others also also handle unveil competitions, specially inside the digital camera segment. Thus Overall, if you’re paying R S 28,990, then it’s superbly for your own camera overall efficiency, notch-less AMOLED monitor and decent battery ability, about 3 segments at which smart phone excels smart.